The Hive – Interior

Single Shot #39

The Learning Hub called the Hive is an iconic building found in the National Technological University of Singapore Campus.  Designed by Heatherwick Studio of England, it was completed in 2015. The Hive was awarded the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award by the Singapore government which is a benchmarking scheme that incorporates internationally recognized best practices in environmental design and performance.

The interior of the Hive is just as interesting, if not more, than the exterior. It is a must visit place for architects who want to see how interesting material selection and interior design for green buildings can have a striking and winning result.

Evening CityScape

Single Shot #38

A dusk shot of the city. Taken from the SwissHotel Singapore, it looks south towards the Bay Area. At the far left, we see the iconic three-towered Marina Bay Sands, a skyscraper designed by Moshie Safdie. On the left is the newer South Beach complex, designed by Foster + Partners, which houses  the JW Marriot Hotel.

Front and centre is the War Memorial Park. The memorial is a 61m structure comprising 4 columns representing the 4 races and joined at the base to signify unity. This structure is fondly known as “The Chopsticks”.

This area is part of the Singapore Civic district where visitors can view restored buildings which were a part of modern Singapore.

City Scape

St Andrew’s Cathedral

Single Shot #37

St Andrew’s Cathedral is the oldest Anglican Church in Singapore. The Cathedral replaced the Church of St Andrew which was considered unsafe after being struck twice by lightning. The Cathedral was designed by Lt Col Ronald MacPherson in 1856 and was gazetted as a National Monument in 1973.

The cathedral replaced the Church of St Andrew which was considered unsafe after being struck twice by lightning.  Christians still gather in the building, which is situated in the CBD and part of the Civic District. You will also find the serene grounds  of the Cathedral an oasis of piece and quiet in the busy city centre.

Photo Technical Data:

Canon 6D, EF 24 – 105mm, f/5.6, 0.5 sec, ISO 800


Window Cleaners

Single Shot #35

A line of window washers hanging from ropes. I guess this is more efficient than a gondola? A building gondola could perhaps hold 3 cleaners and it could be dangerous to have multiple gondolas operating side by side. See if you count the numbers of cleaners in the line.


To give context to the picture the smaller pic below shows a wider angle of the area where the cleaners are working at. This windows belongs to the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel in Macau.


Photo Technical Data:
Canon 7D, EFs 55 – 250mm, f/8.0 1/640 sec, ISO 400

Orange Life Buoy

Single Shot #34

The life buoy, also called a life ring, flotation ring or lifesaver among other names. This device can be found near water bodies or on board water vessels and is an essential safety equipment. Low cost and intuitive to use, it is an essential safety equipment. The user just need to throw it towards the person struggling in the water and pull it back to the shore or the ship with the swimmer (or non-swimmer) clinging to it. The doughnut shape makes it easy to hold, throw and cling on to.

The life buoy below was found in the VivoCity promenade. In the top right corner, you can see the outline of Hotel Michael which is on Sentosa Island.

The photo was processed to desaturate all colours except that of the life buoy. I have retired the lens used. It was a good workhorse for general walk around which is now replaced by my current favourite, the EF 16 -35mm.


Photo Technical Data:
Canon 7D, EF 28 – 135mm IS, f/4.0 1/1000 sec, ISO 200

The Hoop

Single Shot #33

The target for basketball players to place the ball through enough times to win the game. This hoop has seen better days but still serve it’s purpose. Not sure why the padlock is there, maybe there are hoop-thieves in the neighbourhood


This photo is another from my Canon 40D collection. Taken in jpg and processed by Color Efex Pro 4 (Nik collection)

Photo Technical Data:

Canon 40D, EFs 17 – 55mm, f/5.6, 1/400 sec, ISO 400

The Sphinx

Single Shot #32

The sphinx is a mythological creature which has a body a lion and the head of a human. There are many sphinxes in Egypt and the most famous and the largest is the Great Sphinx of Giza.  The exhibit below was from the exhibition Quest for Immortality – The World of Ancient Egypt, is from the Ptolemaic era which is between 300 – 250 BC. Scholars and archaeologist do not know of the purpose of sphinxes. They are generally associated with temples and royal tombs in Egypt.

The photo below was also from one of my earliest DSLR collection, which means it was taken by the Canon 40D. The venue was dimly lit so a slow shutter speed was used. The image stabilisation of the EF-S lens was working perfectly judging from the sharp image captured hand-held at 1/8 sec.

IMG_0028Photo Technical Data:

Canon 40D, EFs 17 – 55mm, f/4.5, 1/8 sec, ISO 800