Out of the nest

Single Shot #17

This little Sunbird chick was venturing out of its nest for the first time. In a few hours, it will fly off to start a new life. Shooting birds requires lots of patience as they are shy and will fly away at the slightest movement. One way is to establish a schedule to be at the same spot regularly, moving closer to a better vantage point slowly. This way the bird will become familiar with the photographer’s presence and feel that less threatened.

Shooting this chick took a few days. The previous days, the chick was ensconced in the nest with only the beak showing. On the day this photo was taken, the chick was ready to take flight and to explore the wider world.  Wishing the chick a bon voyage and good luck.  See you soon.


Photo Technical Data:

Canon 6D, EF 70 – 300 mm /f4-5.6, 1/100 sec @ f/5.6 ISO 400

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