Window View

Single Shot #22

Wandering around Bugis Village many small shops I came into a stairwell painted a garish red. Looking out the casement window I can see the edge of a more modern building, the Bugis+, once known as the Iluma.

The wall colour, the weathered window frame and the view outside makes an interesting composition. It was impossible to get all in a single shot so using exposure bracketing, I combined 3 images get the correct exposures for the brightly lit exterior and the dim interior. I was glad I had the 16mm with me but even using the widest possible setting and squeezing myself to the wall, I could barely capture the full window frame.


Photo Technical Data:

Canon 6D, EF 16 – 35 mm /f4 at 16mm, f/7.1 ISO 640 (Multiple image)

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