Egg Sorter

Single Shot #41

Just how do you sort chicken eggs by their size. Using a ruler or caliper? I visited a small farm recently and they have a machine that automatically sort eggs by weight and size.

The farmer set the egg on the left hand conveyor ramp, It then rolls down the ramp and then down the rails at the back of the sorting table. The eggs will trigger levers which will allow them to roll down the each of the division on the table. The levers are triggered based on the weight of the eggs. The heavier ones will release the gate earlier, on the leftmost row. If it is lighter, it will roll along the back ramp until it hits the lever which matches it’s weight.

Everything is mechanical.  I guess routine maintenance is just dusting the machine and oiling the levers.

You probably cannot get fresher eggs than this unless you get it from the hen’s nest.