Singapore Parliament House

Single Shot #4

The Singapore Parliament house was opened on 6 September, 1999. Construction and design was undertaken by CPG Corp, the corporatised entity of Public Work Departments. The construction cost of the Parliament House was S$115.2 million.

It occupies 2.2 Hectares of land and has a built up are of 19,765 sq metere


This photo was taken on March 2015.

Photo Technical Data:

Canon 6D, EF 24-105mm at 24mm. 1/6 sec @ f/5.6. ISO 1600



Singapore Street Art

Single Shot #3

There’s no need to travel up to Penang to see the street art there as there are great ones right here in Singapore. The picture shows a portion of a large mural which paintings of South American Indians in Haji Lane.


In 2012, URA red-flagged the graffiti for removal as ‘it does not meet the stipulated pastel shades for conserved shophouses’. After hearing impassioned pleas from the public, URA reconsidered the decision and  said that they appreciates that the artwork characterizes Haji Lane and as such has elucidated that the guidelines for the shophouse facades are not exhaustive, or in other words, one-size-fits-all. Good call.

There are more art pieces along the lane and oh, by the way, you can fing great food in the vicinity.

Photo Technical Data:

Canon 6D, EF 16-35mm at 16 mm. 1/1000 sec @ f/4.5. ISO 200
Processed in LR6 to bring up the color vibrancy.

ATR 42 Prop

Single Shot #2

The second image I chose for this series is this propeller which belongs to the  starboard turbo-prop engine of an ATR 42. The ATR42 is a 50 seat, short-haul twin-turboprop airliner built in France by Avions de Transport Régional. ATR is a joint partnership between the Airbus Group and the Italian company Alenia Aermacchi.

IMG_5840The plane belongs to FireFly, a wholly owned subsidiary of Malaysian Airlines. It is headquarted in Malaysia and flies to destination in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. It is the one of the very few airlines that operates out of Subang Airport, also known as Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport. This airport is much nearer to Kuala Lumpur than the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at Sepang.

Firefly airline has since upgraded their ATR42 fleet to ATR72’s.

Photo Technical Data:

Canon 7D, EF 70-300mm at 130 mm. 1/400 sec @ f/7.1. ISO 100

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Super Star Virgo

Single Shot #1

This series will feature a single image from my collection with an accompanying snippet of information. I will be posting an image a week, or as frequently as I can manage, so do come back if you like what you see.

This is Star Cruise SuperStar Virgo, one of their largest cruise liner. The photo was taken on Nov 2011 at Harbourfront Cruise Centre, Singapore. Click on the image for a larger view.


This photo was taken when I was still shooting in jpg format. I couldn’t recover some of the blown highlights. Shooting in raw format would have given me more dynamic range. We do learn from our mistakes, don’t we?

Photo Technical Data:

Canon 7D, EF 70-300mm at 110mm.13 sec @ f/8.0. ISO 100

Some ship facts:

 Launched : 23 Dec 1998  Gross Tonnage :  75,338 grt
 Length : 268 m  Number of cabins : 935
 Beam : 32 m  Passenger capacity : 1,870