The Sphinx

Single Shot #32

The sphinx is a mythological creature which has a body a lion and the head of a human. There are many sphinxes in Egypt and the most famous and the largest is the Great Sphinx of Giza.  The exhibit below was from the exhibition Quest for Immortality – The World of Ancient Egypt, is from the Ptolemaic era which is between 300 – 250 BC. Scholars and archaeologist do not know of the purpose of sphinxes. They are generally associated with temples and royal tombs in Egypt.

The photo below was also from one of my earliest DSLR collection, which means it was taken by the Canon 40D. The venue was dimly lit so a slow shutter speed was used. The image stabilisation of the EF-S lens was working perfectly judging from the sharp image captured hand-held at 1/8 sec.

IMG_0028Photo Technical Data:

Canon 40D, EFs 17 – 55mm, f/4.5, 1/8 sec, ISO 800

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